What is a Plek Station?

To put it simply, the Plek Station is a high-speed and high-accuracy tool used to test, record, and maintain the quality of a guitar. By making a digital map of each guitar's fretboard, the Plek gives us the ability to make truss rod adjustments, cut nut slots, file saddles, plane fingerboards, and file down frets to the nearest micrometer. A guitar that seems perfect at first glance will go through our Plek process and come out feeling even better. You can check out the video demo below to see it in action. 



Why get my guitar Plek'd?

Many of us assume that our guitars are just fine and that a nice wipe and a string change is enough to maintain them. But over time, the frets wear down and cause buzzing throughout the fretboard and simple truss rod adjustment cannot fix these. By checking your guitar out with the Plek station, we can pinpoint the frets that are too high or too low, make fine adjustments on the nut and saddle, and tune the tension in your truss rod so that the action is perfect. The first guitars we put through the Plek were our own and we could not be happier with the outcome. 

What is the process?

When you bring in your instrument, we will first discuss the state of the guitar. In the end, we set up each instrument to fit each player so we will note your desired string height and tune your Plek profile to fit those specifications. We will then take your guitars measurements to record your instrument's information so the Plek machine can get to work. 

The first stage is the fingerboard scan. The Plek station wil run a soft tipped precision tool down the surface of the fretboard. Using this information, the station will then build a map of your fretboard and allow us to see the action height, the fret heights, and how level the fingerboard is. We can then compare this with what you want from your guitar and set our adjustments accordingly. 

The station will then start the fret filing process. For this phase, we tie the strings back so the machine can access the full fretboard. Using a fret cutting tool, the station will then touch each fret lightly removing the top layer of metal perfectly adjusting them to within a micron of our settings. 

After the Plek has verified the quality of the fret dressing, it will move into its final phase - the nut cut. The station will spin up the HFS (High Frequency Spindle) module and cute fresh slots into the nut so each string has a good breakaway angle and height.

The Plek station finishes by giving one more pass with the measurement tool to verify that work matches the levels we specified. 


After this, we like to give your guitar a little love and make sure the wood is well conditioned, the frets are polished, and the surfaces are cleaned up. Once all this is done, it is time for you to come back, pick up your old friend, and fall in love all over again.  


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