example pictures of services we offer for guitars. Frist a thumb on a ruler is pressed against a crack on the back of a guitar. Second, the crack on that back of that same guitar has been filled and buffed so it appears glossy. Third, the metal frets on a guitar are covered in grime and oxidation. Fourth, a hand holds a new, shiny fret in place while a hammer gently nudges the fret in to the fingerboard of a guitar. Fifth and sixth show the glossy finish of a guitar pealing off and being repaired to match the surrounding finish.

Our Services

In order to give our artists the best service possible, we combine state-of-the-art technology with top-class training so that every instrument leaves playing better than ever. 

Ken is our CEO and lead technician here at Corzic. Frustrated with the mediocre services and products of the instrument retailers down the street, he decided to buy a plane ticket to Michigan and study guitar repair and construction at the Galloup School of Lutherie. With his training and oversight, our technicians can offer expert maintenance and repair that will let you get that perfect fit every time. To achieve this, every guitar we service will be Plek'd [more on this here], which allows us to adjust everything - from the height of your bridge to the tension in your truss rod - to best suit any playing style. Some services you can expect from us include:

  • Taylor Silver Certification Work: Neck adjustments and part replacement
  • Bridge Polishing, Sanding, & and Replacement
  • Pick-up and Preamp Repair & Replacement
  • Saddle Adjustment & Replacement
  • Tuner Adjustment & Replacement
  • Fret Polishing & Replacement
  • Nut Cutting & Replacement
  • Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Fingerboard Planing
  • String Changes

We don't only offer services for guitars, but for amps, percussion instruments, and drums as well. Even if you just need a tuning, it really helps to get it right. Let us know how we can be of service by leaving a note below or by giving us a call at the number at the top of the page.